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In the preface to the text, Terry and Shawn make reference to the intensive model of therapy. While the model does contain a rather intense process of therapy, it is important to fully explain how the intensive is intended to work, as the text aims to do much of the same.

The idea of an intensive is rather new in the world of therapy. An intensive normally consists of a small group of couples meeting in designated location for a certain period of time. Often intensives are conducted at an all-inclusive facility, which allows for the individual couples to concentrate most on the work of their marriage. The actual intensive process involves a therapist team working with couples in a group setting for up to thirty hours of therapy. Each intensive facility functions a bit differently.

Working in a specified location for a specified amount of time yields specifically noticeable results. Terry and Shawn have made available intensive type therapy in their text 5 Days to a New Marriage. While those who read the text do not get the in person therapist, they do have direct access to the same models and processes.

5 Days to a New Marriage works to blend the world of intensives therapy with that of self-paced processing. Husbands and wives, churches, and small groups who work through the curriculum have access to the same content as those who have attended actual intensives. Couples who are in extreme crisis should consider attending an actual intensive. While the majority of the content in the text is intended to help move couples towards a new marriage, issues of infidelity, extreme emotional disconnectedness, alcohol or substance abuse, physical or sexual abuse, or any other high frequency crisis existing in the marriage should be taken in the care of trained therapists.

“The healing that I, as a person was able to find in the course of the four days will no doubt, in the future, benefit my marriage. And the tools I am leaving with are the most practical and applicable out of any counseling I have ever had. Our marriage would have ended if not for this experience. We now have hope!”

The above is a testimony from someone who had just finished the intensive style therapy. There are countless others and endless possibilities to how this curriculum can change marriages worldwide, including yours.

For those who would like more information on marriage intensives or are in extreme need to pursue a marriage intensive, please follow up with the following: