5 days to a new marriage

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About the Book

5 Days to a New Marriage will give you and your spouse a perspective of working together as true partners

in marriage that are able to appreciate one another’s skill-s and gifts, forgive one another and create a vision for your family. Richly illustrated with cases examples, exercises and scriptural integration, 5 Days to a New Marriage is a perfect resource for individuals looking for direction in their marriages or small groups that are wanting to create a positive marriage culture that impacts families. Change in a marriage that lasts a lifetime begins with 5 Days to a New Marriage!

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Terry Hargrave, Ph.D

Terry Hargrave, Ph.D. is nationally recognized for his pioneering work with intergenerational families. Dr. Hargrave has authored numerous professional articles and eleven books including Five Days to a New Marriage and The Essential Humility of Marriage: Honoring the Third Identity in Couple Therapy.

Dr. Hargrave has presented nationally and internationally on the concepts and processes of family and marriage restoration, aging and is known for his clear and entertaining presentations. His work has been featured in several national magazines and newspapers, as well as ABC News 20/20, Good Morning America and CBS Early Morning. He has been selected as a national conference plenary speaker and as a Master’s Series Therapist by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

He is a Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California and is a licensed MFT in both Texas and California. He and his wife Sharon have two children, Halley Anne and Peter.

Shawn Stoever, Ph.D

Shawn received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas where he specialized in marriage and family therapy. He currently serves as a Senior Director for the WinShape Foundation (a non-profit ministry of Chick-fil-A) overseeing Marriage, Retreat, Experiential Learning ministries. Prior to his role at WinShape, Shawn served as the Director of Training for the Smalley Relationship Center, founded by Gary Smalley.

Shawn is passionate about his relationship with God and eager to share how you can experience fulfillment and joy in life. He is the co-author of the book, “The Wholehearted Marriage”. Whether he’s leading retreats, writing, or appearing on television and radio broadcasts, Shawn’s humor, enthusiasm, and wisdom help him connect with his audience. Despite extensive schooling, Shawn really did not know anything about relationships until he met his wife Christina. They have four wonderful children, Taylor, Cade, Avery (with the Lord), and Cody.

Sharon Hargrave, MAMFC

Sharon Hargrave is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both California and Texas. She currently works for Fuller Theological Seminary in California and is the Director for Strong Marriages/Successful Ministries, a ministry designed to help seminary couples prepare their marriages for ministry. Sharon loves her work with couples in ministry and believes strongly that what we learn about ourselves in relationship in our marriages transforms who we are and how we interact with others in the work place, as parents, as ministers, in our families or any other relationship context.

Sharon is also employed by The Hideaway Experience located in Texas and works with couples in crisis using the marriage intensive model. Before moving to California, Sharon was in private practice for over 18 years. She specializes in working with couples and intergenerational issues.

Sharon travels and speaks with her husband Terry and loves being the mother of two twenty something children.


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About the Foundation

The Hideaway Foundation is a 501.C3 nonprofit education foundation.

Since its inception in November 2008, the Foundation has been working to raise funds and scholarship couples to attend the Hideaway Experience marriage intensive resort.It is the intent of the Hideaway Foundation to provide support to pastor and lay person marriage enrichment.

The extensions of this support include marriage enrichment, marriage education, and related activities all aiming to develop a healthy community of marriage centered relationships and families founded on the doctrine of the Word of God.

In addition to working to provide pastor and lay person scholarships, the Hideaway Foundation also works in partnership with Sharon Hargrave’s Strong Marriages Successful Ministries initiative. Based out of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, Sharon’s ministry works prepare couples entering the ministry as either pastors or counselors/therapists. Srengthening couples whose mission is to save marriages, Sharon and her program receive support from the Hideaway Foundation.

All of the generated revenue from the Five Days to a New Marriage material go directly to the Hideaway Foundation. By purchasing this text and the resources that accompany you will be making a contribution to not only your marriage, but the marriages of others around the world through the donations of the Foundation. Do not miss the opportunity to have the marriage you have always dreamed of and in turn help provide some else the same opportunity. God ordained marriages and the Hideaway Foundation as well as Five Days to a New Marriage aims to sacrificially give to the sanctification of the union between husband and wife.


Is your church full of struggling or mediocre marriages?

The healthiest churches are built on healthy families, and healthy families require strong, satisfying marriages. Our strategic 5 Days to a New Marriage events are designed especially for churches who would like to begin or build upon a marriage ministry. We introduce the 5 Days to a New Marriage model during a two-day seminar (Friday night and Saturday morning) led by one of our trained marriage and family therapists—all of whom have gone through each of the steps taught in this curriculum. Once the official seminar ends, we close out with a dedicated time of small- group leader training. The result of this weekend? Excitement among church members who are ready to dig deeper into the material introduced to them, and a team of trained small group leaders ready to lead them through this transformational process.

Contact us today to learn more about bringing a 5 Days to a New Marriage weekend to your church and community.