About the Book

5 Days to a New Marriage

How long does it take to change the direction of your marriage?

In this remarkably clear and concise book, the authors (Hargrave and Stoever) show how you can do it systematically over the course of five days whether your marriage simply needs to improve from good to great or is in desperate trouble. 5 Days to a New Marriage teaches you how to recognize the pattern of pain in your relationship and why it becomes such a powerful and dominating force. Most couples come to recognize that this pattern or cycle is the argument or conflict behind every argument and conflict that they have in their marriage. But the unique feature of 5 Days to a New Marriage is that is does not leave you with just the understanding of how you get into hard issues with your marriage, it clearly teaches you how to create a new pattern or cycle that replaces emotional pain with a sense of peace. Using the current mindfulness research and understanding of the brain, the book helps point you and your spouse toward realistic skills that will result in being able to short cut old, predictable and hurtful interactions into interactions that focus on building one another up, balancing responsibility and connection and solving problems. In addition, 5 Days to a New Marriage will give you and your spouse a perspective of working together as true partners in marriage that are able to appreciate one another’s skills and gifts, forgive one another and create a vision for your family. Richly illustrated with cases examples, exercises and scriptural integration, 5 Days to a New Marriage is a perfect resource for individuals looking for direction in their marriages or small groups that are wanting to create a positive marriage culture that impacts families. Change in a marriage that lasts a lifetime begins with 5 Days to a New Marriage!