Small Group Kit


Save $40 with kit purchase (239.95 - total price of items purchased separately)

The material in 5 Days to a New Marriage comes directly from "marriage intensives"-small-group therapy sessions in which the authors lead several couples through life-changing marital transformations. Because the process began in small groups, this transformation is best experienced in a group setting. Our Small Group Kit is designed to take five couples (one leader couple and four participants) through an eight-week course.

In each kit, you"ll find:

  • 10 participant books (two per couple): Written by marriage experts and therapists Terry Hargrave and Shawn Stoever, 5 Days to a New Marriage guides couples through real and lasting change in their marriage.
  • 2 teaching DVDs (four sessions per DVD): Authors Terry Hargrave and Shawn Stover lead four couples through an actual group experience to mirror the teachings in the book.
  • Leader's guide: Written by marriage and family therapist Sharon Hargrave and featuring step-by-step instructions to guide participants through the material.
  • Group leader training DVD: In-depth training for leaders, in which Sharon Hargrave guides an actual couple through the material while anticipating common problems to work through.